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  • CCW carry accessories

    What are the most important accessories to carry along the firearm, and why?

    The list (for me) would be, in order of importance:
    - white light
    - less lethal force option
    - firearm
    - folding knife
    - spare mag

    I know; so I´ll clarify:

    - White light: because you just have to see; not only in self defense context, but in everyday life as well.

    - less lethal option (preferably OC spray): in vast majority of self defense cases, you just cannot use a firearm legally, and you could handle the situation with less lethal option. Of course, this has a lot to do with your general threath assessment and the laws in your area, as well. But from tactical standpoint it is also useful to have a less lethal option, as it would be mentally much easier to use a OC for example against an attacker than a firearm, as the legal ramifications would not be nearly as severe, and you could use the OC before the situation goes so bad that you could legally use a firearm. Now I realize that it´s better be judged by 12 than carried by 6, but still this fear of legal ramifications could cause a delay in your response. You of course need to mentally prepare to use the gun when you make the decision to carry, but this still appilies.

    - A firearm is the great equalizer, and carrying one where legal is a great insurance. Still, if you are afraid to go somewhere without a gun, you should not go there with a gun, either.

    - a Folding knife, because it´s a great tool as well as a self defense instrument. And a folder just is a much easier to carry than a fixed blade.

    - spare magazine: statistically speaking, you would be well off with just a 5-shot revolver. On the other hand, it is hightly unlikely to win in a lottery, still somene occasionally wins. I just don´t think a spare mag is very likely to be needed. But again, it depends on your circumstances.

    Any thoughts on this?

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    I do not carry a spare mag. Where I am and the places I go daily I just don’t see the need for it. That said when I go to unfamiliar places I have a spare in a sling bag. As far as OC, I’d like too, but the sprays a kind of clunky.