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What to look for in AIWB holster?

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  • What to look for in AIWB holster?

    When choosing an AIWB holster what should I be looking for and what are things that I should stay away from? I'm looking at kydex material holsters and ones that definitely minimize the chance of me shooting my junk.

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    No holster will accommodate all shooters and all body types. It really depends on several different factors, including what type and size firearm you are concealing. I was a huge fan of the G-Code IWB with cordura back panel that rides against your body, when I carried a full size 1911. My G23 had the same holster that I carried at 3 or 4 O'clock. With Appendix carry, it was not as comfortable to use that holster, so I went with Off The Grid Concepts IWB, straight drop. The clip is solid, and it works great with the M&P Shield, G19 orG23. Comfort is great for me. I have students that swear by specific brands that they have used and found very comfortable too. You may need to experiment and try out a few holsters to see what works best for you. I also recommend a good quality belt to hold that holster in place, and the belt clips need to be the same size as your belt.


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      Would highly recommend looking at the Seraph from V development group. It's been designed to meet and overcome LE plainclothes duty standards and has the best possible accessories, which come standard, on the market. It is always evolving.

      Stay away from holsters that have plastic clips and are shilled by paid industry celebs. They don't work the way you think they do.

      Note - full disclosure, I am the chief developer for v development group.


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        It all depends of body types. I for one I'm big and has that 300th parallel bulge tummy and here is my take on AIWB:

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        Very comfortable on plastics, I say plastics coz my holster is not kydex, its the material that was used on underground pippings, I have a friend that uses that instead of kydex, cheaper and much stronger than kydex. I also used cordura or nylon AIWB, frankly its very uncomfortable when sitting or bending/kneeling. Plastics is the way to go on large frames.

        Glocks and compact pistols
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        This is quite the opposite, cordura or nylon holsters are more comfortable than plastics and much easier to conceal, coz you can go deeper on nylon/cordura compared to plastics.

        Bending is the flaw on plastics coz when you bend the pistol tends to fold away to the body, especially when sitting due to its smaller slide, weather you got that "wings" attached or not, still it folds....comfort and feel, nylon/cordura is way to go on compacts.

        my two cents.
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          I find there are so so many makers who make good holsters. the thing that I really look for is the clip design and the belt offset. I tried loops, I just don't like them, I like a good solid clip and have had the best luck with holsters designed around them. Loops seem to let the holster move too much. Something you also need to look at isn't just he holster but the belt. A good belt makes ALL the difference. A good fitting holster will still suck if your belt doesn't hold it up well.