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    Yes! you heard it right Bag Carry!!!...our laws here Philippines prohibits legal gun owners to carry on to your body, it must be in a bag separated to your person, so we develop bags that are "quick draw" and not tactically or mall ninja bags to be obvious as a gun attach courtesy to MP Concepts

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    I've seen a lot of people train with the Vertx bags, for multiple reasons. It seems to be gaining popularity and there are some very well designed bags to accommodate.


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      Click image for larger version

Name:	small-shoulder-bag-with-concealed-gun-holster-6-8qu1--thumbnail-570x570-70.jpg
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Name:	small-shoulder-bag-with-concealed-gun-holster-9-rhbg--thumbnail-570x570-70.jpg
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      This is my edc bag, have it made with few modifications inside, so far it held up to my expectations.


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        I see you are carrying a Sig p226 is that right. Love that gun. Does the bag you carry have velcro closure or a zipper? If that was you in the video you presented very smooth and with speed. well done.


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          Zipper! smooth to the draw and not noisy!

          The person above is the instructor of MP Concepts (a firearm training facility here in the Philippines). Still have a lot of rice to fill in before I could reach to that level!...hehehe....


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            I lived in Subic Bay for three years and my family loved it. It will just take slow steady practice and you will get there.