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  • Glock vs Sig

    Oh yes we’re going there.

    For starters I’m A Glock guy and will continue to shoot them, but it seems like Glock’s stubbornness and/or inability to innovate will eventually catch up to them. Sig has come out with new products that are directly competing with Glock now and from my experience are on par if not better than Glock. Let’s take the sig 365 and the Glock 43/43x for example. Glock came out with the 43 and sig countered with the 365 which was easier to shoot (subjective) and held substantially more rounds without having to buy aftermarket base pads. What was Glock’s answer? The 43x which still didn’t have the capacity of the 365. If it weren’t for a 3rd party company doing the innovating by creating a 15rd mag then the 43x would fall short.

    This year at SHOT, they release the G44. Fantastic a 22 sized Glock 19 for people who want to learn and such, but 3rd parties had already invented 22 conversion kits so again no real innovation. Granted, Glock pretty much has a 40yr head start, but SIG is starting to inch their way to the top. Glocks saving grace IMO is that there are just so many of them and if other people are like me, are too invest d in the platform (training tie spent, holsters, magazines, etc.)

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    Glocks are very reliable and have a proven record with law enforcement and the military, they are, however, the ergonomic equivalent of a brick. Once you put a flat trigger, - connector, shave the hump or add a beaver tail, under cut and radius the trigger guard and put on some Quality sights, it will almost feel comfortable in your hand. Granted I grew up on the Sig P226 and have shot over 1/2 million rounds through them, but I have put the new Sig 320 in the hands of dedicated Glock shooters and they can't believe how good it feels, points and shoots, so maybe its not just me. Glocks are not going extinct by any means, but Sig is coming on strong with their new M17/18 (320) contracts with big Army, big Navy and the Air Force. I personally can't wait to get them at work so my Glock bites and Glock knucle can heal up.
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      it really comes down to preference anymore. There are so many good options for striker fired guns. the CZ"s are also a very reliable and viable option, the M&P 2.0's are great guns, Walther has a decent option. The Glock and Sigs are both great platforms and I own multiple of each. If you are used to a higher sight height because of shooting a P series sig or a 1911 you will most likely find the sig more to your liking. If you shoot Glocks well, there really isn't any reason to change other than just wanting to try something new. They are as proven a combat firearm as anything on this planet and just plain work.