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Possible causes for point of impact shifting up on G19?

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  • Possible causes for point of impact shifting up on G19?

    I was shooting the other day and noticed that my point of aim and point of impact are off. I didn't make any changes. All of a sudden my point of impact is about an inch higher than it should be at 7-10 yards.

    Any ideas what may have caused the shift? Sights look fine.

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    Myles, if you have been shooting your Sig 320 a lot lately, you may have become more accustomed to the Sig grip pitch (its easy to do), if you use the straighter Sig grip wrist angle on the Glock you will tend to shoot high if you are not laser focused on the sights or when rapid firing.
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      Hey Coch,

      I haven’t been shooting the x compact much. Placed a delta point pro on it today and giving it to Annie because her eye sight isn’t great.

      I swapped out the barrel on the G19 today and will see if that fixes everything. I was using a KKM barrel that had a squib. Gunsmith rapped it out. I doubt that is the cause, but never know.

      it definitely is something with the gun. Can’t quite figure out what it is just yet.