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The New Sig P365 XL...

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  • The New Sig P365 XL...

    Anyone get to shoot it yet? I'm a big fan of the P365, so I'm definitely looking forward to shooting it and comparing it with my new P320 X-Compact.

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    Mine comes in tomorrow. I probably won’t get to shoot it until this weekend. I’ve got a few P320s and can let you know how it does compared to the xcompact.


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      Cool, thanks!

      Im beginning to really like my x-compact. Wonder how it will compare to the new XL.


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        I like the XCompact overall. The grip module feels much better in the hand than my compact small did. The only complaint I have is the loaded chamber indicator. It has a good purpose however, if you are running an optic the LCI allows carbon/powder to accumulate on the window. My Compact RX didn’t have an LCI and did not do that. My M-17 does have an LCI, but I have not run an optic on it yet. The window on the optic is easy to clean, but it is still annoying.


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          Got it. Makes sense.

          I’m an iron sights type of guy so fortunately I don’t need to deal with the cleaning.

          Do you shoot Sigs most of the time?


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            Sig! First impressions are great! I haven’t handled it yet, but look forward to it and how it compares to the G48 I just built up.
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              I won't get the Xcompact most likely (never say never) as I like the grip length on the Xcarry better for my big hands. the XL is a cool concept though I see it killing the 365 regular model but who knows. I just think they are so similar. I may get one to red dot though just cuz I can.


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                Hey Joe,

                Yeah, after reading up on the XL more, I think it might overtake the standard 365.

                The bigger grip on the xcarry is the only reason why I didn't get it; the xcompact fits like a glove.


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                  lol yeah we are substantially different sizes, you and I