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  • California compliant rifles

    Not sure if you guys are up-to-speed on the absurdness of California's rifle rules or not, but I was hoping to get your opinion on how you think these rules affect someone's right to adequately protect themselves? I feel like these rules only hurt law-abiding citizens at the expense of criminals who will certainly won't be sticking to the rules. If i'm up against someone trying to break into my house or attack my family, I wanna be as equipped as they are.

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    California's gun laws. Gotta love them.


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      California gun laws, from the roster of approved handguns to the bullet button assault weapon registration, are all unconstitutional. There is enough room to own firearms for self defense, featureless AR 15s, pistols etc. Do research on your local laws and figure out the best way for you to comply, get a CCW if you want, and then train to use your equipment. You are right though, no law will stop the lawless.
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