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Coch's AR15 Pistol

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  • Coch's AR15 Pistol

    I just watched your latest YouTube video where "Coch" shows off his personal AR15 pistol. Unfortunately, I didn't hear him say what manufacturer it was. It looks sick though.

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    Not sure... Coch can you chime in?


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      If you live in CA the only currently available retail AR pistol, that I know of, is from Franklin Armory. If you are residing in a free state, you can follow ATF guidelines, buy a pistol specific (sold as a pistol) lower or go the 80% route. A rifle lower (or a lower that was built as a rifle first) cannot be built as a pistol. If you build it as a pistol first its legal to subsequently build it as a rifle then convert it back to a pistol again. I am not a lawyer and, obviously, none of this is legal advise.
      My posts are for general educational and informational purposes only. What you do with this information is your responsibility. I encourage you to seek out professional instruction. Nothing replaces in-person training with a qualified professional to ensure you learn properly and train safely.


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        I noticed the AR pistol has an ambidextrous charging handle, but a non-ambidextrous safety. Any reason why you chose the ambi charging handle but not the ambi safety?

        I am left-handed, so I’m always interested in left-hand friendly options.