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AR zero—25 or 50?

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  • AR zero—25 or 50?

    When I was on active duty the Army used a 25 meter zero iron sight for the M-16. I have read some articles about 50 yard zero. I’m a new AR owner and curious as to advantages/disadvantages of both distances. Looking for opinions, thanks.

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    the two "standard" zero's are good enough for most uses but are not exact. You can put the info into a ballistic calculator and see how far above and below the line of sight your chosen load goes at specific distances. That is the best way to see which fits your chosen application. Honestly both work, the 25m is easy because most people can find a 25 meter range to zero on.


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      We use a 50 meter zero for the AR, so you are dead on at 50 and 200 meters, and only an inch and a half high at 150. Most encounters for us are going to be inside of 200 so no holds are necessary. With the 25 meter zero, you are dead on at 25 and 300 but around 13 inches high at 150, requiring you to hold low for a precise shot.
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