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High capacity magazines in California?

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  • High capacity magazines in California?

    Does anyone know the current rule or law on high capacity magazines in California? Not seeking legal advice, but am wondering what others might have heard. I know people can't sell or buy them in CA right now, but what if you legally bought one, can you carry it and use it at ranges? Any ideas?

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    Hey GlockGuy,
    The current California law that is in place is if you bought your magazines legally when the ban was lifted in the beginning of April of 2019 you are allowed to use them at ranges for target practice and in your home defense weapons. There was conversation of reinstating Proposition 63 that was approved in 2016 stating that anyone who own the high capacity magazines must get rid of them, but with the recent ban being lifted for a week in April, you are allowed to keep the magazines purchased in that time frame and again, use them at California ranges. The sale of them is still illegal, but since there is no serial number on them, tracking the high capacity magazines is next to impossible.


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      Thanks for the info Alexandria! It’s so confusing. I will hear one person say no, and another person say yes. And this is among people in the legal field! So much confusion about this out there. Thanks again for the input.