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    As a shooter who has really greasy hands (it stems from my love of chicken wings) what is the best way to make my pistol go “PEW” when things pop off in Buffalo Wild Wings. Should I transition from my ice cold coors light?

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    Apparently nobody's told you that many, if not all, 'Buffalo Wild Wings' have a strict policy which prohibits all customers (except, perhaps, uniformed police officers) from carrying handguns in their restaurants. Add that to the fact that Bdub's is on a lot of health websites' places NOT to eat; and, smart guy that you are, you should probably be going someplace else for your suds and commercial junk food.

    (It's really hard to make your pistol go 'PEW!' when your arteries are all clogged, your blood pressure is way up, and you're already half-dead, anyway.)
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      Love it. Was thinking the same things!

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    I made a post about this a few years ago. I don’t have the photos I made for it, but basically the idea is that you can request gloves to eat your finger food with. If the places you frequent don’t have gloves to offer, then bring your own. If SHTF then pop off the gloves and you’re ready to go! Seriously, this works. If you don’t want to eat with gloves, then get some super aggressive stippling done on your pistol and a large tub of chaffing cream. Cheers!
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      You’re right, FR! As funny as this topic is it’s actually more of a problem than many EDC people realize. I’ve already got ‘aggressive stippling’ on all three of the polymer frame pistols I regularly carry—I used to have it on the front and rear straps of my steel-framed 1911 pattern pistols, too!

      On my Glocks I also like to use Hogue ‘Handall’ grips for the additional purchase these excellent nice ’n sticky grips have to offer. Don’t think I’d be too happy wearing even thin nitrile (or latex) gloves, though. If I am uncomfortable for any reason while eating out, then, I remember the biblical example described at Judges 7:4-7, and I’ll mostly eat and drink while using only one hand.

      Sometimes I’ll do something like this just to stay ‘sharp’ because, truth be told, absolutely nothing dangerous (other than, perhaps, an occasional case of food poisoning) has ever happened to me in a restaurant. All of which reminds me that it is a venerable mob tradition to fête a high ranking mob boss to a sumptuous last meal just before finally ‘whacking’ him. (Remember Carmine Galante? That’s exactly the sort of high class ‘hit’ that I’m referring to.)

      Frankly, I don’t think these gloves would work for me. I also very much doubt that I’m ever going to actually need them, and you probably won’t either. Still, I’ll agree that it’s a very good idea to keep your gun hand both clean and free. The U.S. Secret Service even has an operational protocol that requires agents to keep their gun hand as free as possible.

      (Remember Hillary Clinton’s infamous remark to one of her Secret Service bodyguards when he protested her insisting that he should tie up his gun hand with her bags? It went something like this: “Either you start carrying my luggage for me, right now, or you can get, the hell, off my security detail.” Nice, huh, and last time I checked a genuinely good man with a gun who was also willing to die for you on the spot wasn’t all that easy to find!)
      ‘L‘Enfer C’est Les Autres, Et Les Choses Terribles Qu’ils Font!’