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  • This Must Be Serious!

    I have long been a great admirer of this man's ability to use a pistol well; and, now, I'm starting to admire his character too! Somehow I never expected to see anything like THIS again; but, apparently Greg Kinman and his son are 'men of conscience'.

    'Back in the day' I followed, and have continued to follow, the still unresolved ethical and managerial problems that caused the NRA's 1977 membership revolt; but, over the past 40 years or so, all I've ever seen from the NRA is extraordinarily skillful management of the same apparently perpetual, ongoing, and incessantly reinvigorated problems.

    The examples of this egregious NRA 'fat cat' managerial behavior have been numerous; but, apparently, average American gun owners are simply not up to the challenge of keeping their own (virtually one and only) Second Amendment and firearm usage corporation on the ethical 'straight and narrow' path.

    Grandstanding and showcase performances we've, all, seen plenty of; but the real behind the scenes shenanigans, fiscal and political damage the NRA regularly indulges in continue on in the usual unnoticed and unreported manner.
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