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Has anyone done the Tactical Games or are you planning to?

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  • Has anyone done the Tactical Games or are you planning to?

    Thinking about entering their September event. Anyone else planning to enter one of their events, or have you entered any of their past events?

    If you entered before, how was it?

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    Haven’t tried. They’re fairly new. Feedback I’ve heard from others is that it’s more about the workout than it is about the shooting or any actual tactical scenarios. I’m sure it’s evolving and will branch into different things.
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      seems like the land of the "tactical athlete", not my scene.


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        I did the Waco Tactical Fitness 10k last year, 2020. Was well worth it, as it tested not only my fitness, but ability to carry my gear while completing a series of physical events, plus stay on target with high heart rates. There are a number of center fire biathlons that would serve the same purpose. Could be a good way to train for the Tactical Games.


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          When I learned that the Tactical Games includes stationary shooting only, I lost all interest.