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Some thoughts - recent shootings

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  • Some thoughts - recent shootings

    Me and the guys at AVR Defense have been talking about these shootings since yesterday, as Mike and Jake both are still working LE and were stationed down in El Paso before their deployments to Iraq and it had somewhat of a personal impact.

    Among the other issues that El Paso faces with cartels operating in that area, using it as a hub for syndicated crime operations, some loon goes and shoots up a Wal-Mart.

    However, analyzing this guy's manifesto, it contained conflicting motives throughout (always interested in the intelligence side - getting some answers), because although he claimed to be doing this to defend an invasion of America from the border, the taking over of power by the left in Texas, etc, his targets were precisely aimed at a specific group - "The Right". Basically, what he did vs what he said to justify it was highly conflicting.

    First, I'm not here to give this piece of **** air time. This is purely opinion and analysis for whoever's benefit.

    The language used in his manifesto, words such as "factions" and spewing rhetoric about "corporations" and "lobbyists", etc, it is wpuld appear to me that this was an attempt by an ideological character who was radicalized by a group such as ANTIFA, with aim to cloak and paint a narratIve as to who appeared to be responsible.

    "Kill the fascist Trump supporters, while making it appear as though one of them was responsible for the killing." Pretty straightforward stuff. If his issue was with the government, he would have attacked a government group, such as his peer did in Washington several weeks ago.

    We're living in strange times. This type of **** should be analyzed carefully, as it is 100% home grown terrorism. The only qualifier for terrorism, remember, is politically charged violence.

    Having been up in Seattle for a good year and a half now, and having seen an interacted with ANTIFA sympathizers under the radar, and understanding their tactics and their mindset, I would confidently say that the shooting in El Paso was smoke and mirrors, and likely is tied to a group such as them.

    The individual yesterday was apprehended. Personally, I think somebody should talk to him who enjoys getting answers. Use your imagination to figure out what we mean by that.

    ANTIFA has been actively calling for violence. These shootings are that call being heard and acted upon.

    The bigger question, however, is why do their social media accounts continue to exist, and why are political mouth breathers running for office not talking about these terrorist organizations in the press? Like clockwork, a shooting happens, and Twitter explodes with calls to action regarding gun legislation. No other narrative is pushed.

    Most of the dudes here, as well as us, understand that legislation does not change beliefs. Legislation does not eradicate terrorism. The federal government needs to call this **** exactly what it is, and start taking action against these groups. Let the raids begin.

    Anybody sympathizing with violent extremist groups should be treated like the scourge they are, and removed from society. Again, just my opinion.

    Take a hard look at the discourse right now and ask yourself where our distracted and disoriented society is headed if we don't figure this out.

    Headed down a very dark path, people. Be not deceived by the evil ones at the helm.

    Stay vigilant, gents. Stay ready.

    - The guys at AVR Defense