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    What OWB holster is best in terms of concealability and function also consider body structure from thin to fat guy....

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    Wow, holsters...they are so subjective that one type of holster or brand that works well for one person, won't work well for another. So there really isn't one best.

    This said, I don't know of an OWB holster that does it all for my body type. Something usually has to give--in other words, if it's comfortable, it might not conceal well. Or if it conceals well, it's not that comfortable or stable. Etc. Etc.

    I don't carry OWB concealed at all because I can't find a good holster that works with my body type.

    For "tactical" OWB holsters, I love Safariland.


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      I have to agree with Myles on this. There is no "best" holster, just as there is no "best" firearm. There are way too many variables in place. I know this may seem like a generic answer, but try everything you can get your hands on. I personally have 4 different holsters for my normal carry pistol. Which one I use depends on climate, clothing, event, etc, and things like that.


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        Myles pretty much said it... Spend money on a holster that "works"... what works for you might not work for others, and the opposite is true.

        I've found that for this, specifically, I seek advice (and give it as well) based on the person's body type. And I don't council people on the subject if they don't have a similar body type to mine. It is hard to speculate.

        Find somebody that has your build, and ask them questions such as why they carry where they do, what holsters they've tested, pros and cons to each, etc. You may find that more useful than a generic question and answer.

        Consider where to carry first. Understand why you want to carry at a given position, and what advantages and disadvantages come with it. I carried at the 5 o'clock for years because it was more comfortable until I got smoked by a timer and people carrying appendix. Quick access and weapon retention should trump comfort in my opinion. Too many people don't seem to get that.

        And of course this is just my opinion, but if you're sacrificing a little bit of comfort for a lot more control and speed, you've got your mind in the right place. The opposite, again just my opinion, means you aren't really taking this **** seriously. Your GEAR isn't always going to feel like a nice fuzzy blanket wrapped around your waist or body after a long day of walking around, running and gunning, or doing burpies in your garage while your friend kicks you in the pills repeatedly (TRAIN LIKE YOU FIGHT LOL).

        Gotta suck it up sometimes.