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    I'm about to purchase a "battle belt" At the moment I'm on the fence about which belt to get. The Orion from T-Rex Arms comes recommended but I've had my eye on the Gcode operators belt as well. Does anyone have experience with both or have other recommendations ?

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    A lot of great belt choices out there. I haven't used the Orion or Gcode belts.

    I've used about eight different brands, and personally, my favorites have been the SENSHI Belt ( and Crye Precision's MRB 2.0 (


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      No experience with those listed, but guys here have Ronin Tactics.

      I use a Blue Alpha Gear and while not as stiff as a Ronin suits my needs at about $70 (there are discount codes is you look around).


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        The T-Rex Arms Orion is an over-the-pants/jacket type belt.
        Ronin Tactics Senshi is a 2-belt system with an inner and outer belt that attach with Velcro.

        I prefer a 2-belt inner/outer system, but it all depends on what your purpose is. The Ronin Senshi set the bar, and there have since been many almost identical copy cats.
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          I ended up going with the Blue Alpha Gear double molle belt rig. I like the Ronin but between the lead time and needing to buy an additional inner belt. (I don't have any 2" belt loop pants) I Calle d Blue Alpha and they said they could have the belt to me before my classes. Thanks for all the input I'll let you know how I like it once I break it in


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            Have a Blue Alpha one as well, and it's good, too. Almost identical to the Ronin Senshi--just not as stiff. Should last a long time and do you good.


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              Lead Devil is what I run, they are all very similar. the Ronin is ran a lot. there are now two or three other companies making essentially the same belt.