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  • Shot Show 2020 New Items

    Well Shot has came and gone now. With another one in the books I reflected a little on some of the new stuff coming out that is pretty cool. in no particular order here were some of my favorites:

    Daniel Defense: their new AR pistol line is pretty sweet. I have always been a fan and they have not failed to impress this year.

    JP Enterprise: APAC Manual Chassis, Redesigned triggers in the JPFC-M category. JP is truly one of the companies that Innovates.

    Sig: BDX 2.0: Their system that combines a disturbed reticle aiming point in conjunction with their LRF and BC is pretty sexy.

    Horus: Introduced a budget friendly LRF/BC/Weather Station combo that looks pretty interesting, especially if you don't have a couple grand to put on current industry leaders combo's

    Timber Creek: released their "Enforcer Kit". It is a really cool kit for the stay at home gun builder . They have several packages ranging from very simple parts to elaborate color coordinated builds. I think I might use one for my next build.

    There were a lot more great things looked at this week but I can't recall them off top of my head now.

    What have ya'll seen that is new and exciting this year?
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    The Insta Privy without a doubt was the most exciting product.

    Lot of cool stuff. One item I noticed that has been around for about 3-4 years but hasn't gotten a lot of exposure is the MapPump. It isn't automatic, but it makes loading magazines easier and a bit faster.

    I've been looking for something like this given how much I shoot. There is an automated one now for ARs, which I didn't see at SHOT Show, but it still has a lot of room for improvement.

    I'm sure in time they will come up with automated systems for rifles and pistols.