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Important Points Regarding Our Subject Matter Experts

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  • Important Points Regarding Our Subject Matter Experts

    We're honored and grateful to have some of America's elite tactical experts as our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Our SMEs have years of experiences--not only as members of special operations forces or law enforcement with experience in the field but also as highly qualified instructors and trainers. They are here to help provide guidance and recommendations on a wide range of topics.

    They deserve our full respect. This being said, please keep the following points in mind:
    • Our SMEs will provide their insights and feedback based solely on their own experiences. Their forum posts, replies, articles, and/or interviews are intended for information and educational purposes only. What you do with the information is your responsibility.
    • Our SMEs will do everything they can to help you via the website and our forums, but please note that many topics are very difficult to explain and cover in-depth without in-person interaction. Nothing in our forums or on our site replaces in-person training from a qualified trainer.
    • Please be patient with our SMEs when asking them questions. Our SMEs can get very busy and will try to reply to posts daily; however, please understand that they may have important obligations that they need to tend to.
    • Please respect that some SMEs may not be able to answer certain questions for a variety of reasons. For example, questions about missions and anything that will undermine current military or law enforcement TTPs (tactics, techniques, and procedures) will not be answered.