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  • New from Illinois

    Just wanted to reach out and hopefully be able to get good training ideas. I am taking combat pistol 1 soon in September. Excited for this class. Wanting to improve my pistol accuracy and speed. Also looking to possibly do a carbine course at some point.

    any ideas on low cost ways to help with the fundamentals and accuracy besides only live fire? It gets pricey with ammo prices now.

    any thoughts on dry fire with laser tools? Mantis x system? Recommendations? Air soft ?


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    Hey Dave,

    Looking forward to meeting you in person at CP1 in September! Glad to have you here on the forums.

    Dry fire is, or perhaps I should say should be, a major component of any training program.

    Basically, you can do anything you do live fire, dry, except for working things like recoil management.

    I'm testing the Mantis X system right now, and after we beat it up for a few months, if it's something we think is a great product, we will let everyone know.

    I like training with SIRT pistol or any other laser pistol where you can use laser targets.

    I know there are training tools, like airsoft, that give blowback to simulate recoil, but I personally don't like them because the recoil impulse isn't like the real thing. There is value though, especially for new shooters who might still have flinch problems.



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      Thanks, Myles!

      I thought the mantis x might be good because it seems that I can use my own real gun and it shows what is actually going on and gives suggestions for correction. I thought maybe that in conjunction with a laser cartridge of some brand and a digital target program could be all I need. However, racking the slide between every shot seems....well....very inconvenient and simply not at all realistic...especially to improve speed, which I am convinced can only be done through live fire.

      might I be better served with a 22LR pistol for practice and just hit the range? The range is close and convenient. However ammo availability could still be an issue as well as increased price from availability.

      plus, the range doesn’t allow holster draw work except certain days and you have to prove your safety ability and pay for another class....I get it though..

      thanks again,