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Cardio work integrated in your workout or done separately?

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  • Cardio work integrated in your workout or done separately?

    I’ve always separated cardio work from strength training and still do. I’m thinking of taking a more combined approach. Any pros or cons from the fitness gurus here?

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    depends on your goals honestly. if it is fat burn, you will get better results with a metcon/HIT (high intensity training) approach than you will with long slow cardio. Your body typically will burn a higher percentage of fat over carbs curing long slow "fat burning" cardio over a HIT workout, with that being said the strict number of calories burned is higher during HIT and still leads to more fat loss over time. Typically anymore I do one prime mover slow lift and then superset or build smaller circuits to keep my heart rate up for the rest of my workout. I love to throw in jumprope, box jumps, assault bike into workouts as a way to keep a good sweat going. With that being said I still trail run 2-3 times a week and do a sprint interval day at least once. There isn't a one size fits all answer sadly and without more information on your goals and where you want to go it is hard to really give you a short answer.


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      Thanks, BruiserInd. I’d like to build better overall endurance while gaining strength. I’m not trying to look good. I’m not into bodybuilding. I want to get in really good, overall shape. Looks are second


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        I agree with BruiserInd about needing to know what your goals are. I have been a gym rat and I have been a "functional fitness" (most commonly associated with Cross Fit styles) guy. What I have found works best for me is functional fitness. When I bulk up and do cardio separately, I tend to lose core strength and flexibility. I just feel and operate better when I am functional. My problem is I get bored with a work out style after a while and switch it all up. That in itself is not a bad thing to do. Doing this allows me to retain some mass but have the ability to move it efficiently.

        Do you have any Cross Fit style gyms in your area? They are usually kinda pricey which is a huge Con for me but the workout classes they have are very motivational and will smoke you. I recommend going to one of them and trying it out. They usually have several free days to try it out.

        Another good place to start is Mountain Tactical Institute (formerly Mountain Athlete). Heres the link for you:
        My posts are for general educational and informational purposes only. What you do with this information is your responsibility. I encourage you to seek out professional instruction. Nothing replaces in-person training with a qualified professional to ensure you learn properly and train safely.