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    Thoughts on handgun training with .22lr?

    I won a "local" long range and precision rifle comp a few years ago. All of my training leading up to it was moa dot drills at 25 and 50yds with my .22lr or steel out 400yds with my .17WSM.

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    Coincidentally, we just filmed a quick tip with
    Billy where he discussed using a 22 if one doesn’t have access to a long range.

    For pistols, I think a 22 is great especially for shooters with a bad flinch response. Much easier for them to build confidence.


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      I have used 22's with great success. I have found that teaching someone new to shooting, with limited range access and/or someone with limited ammo budgets can get a lot valuable lessons. Shooting is shooting and any time on the sights and trigger is a great time training.

      Consider this:

      *Shooting a Rifle Prone
      *Shooting a Shotgun Kneeling
      *Shooting a Pistol Standing

      ** Prone/Kneeling/Standing. Take these out of the equation because they are "Positions" or "how" you are shooting

      That leaves

      *Shooting a Rifle
      *Shooting a Shotgun
      *Shooting a Pistol

      ** Rifle/Shotgun/Pistol. Take these out of the equation because they are "guns" or "what" you are shooting

      That leaves


      Very over simplified but shooting is shooting is shooting.

      With that thought process in mind, I think training with a 22 is a great idea when you can. The only thing I would recommend is to train with a 22 that mirrors the Fit/Form/Function of your primary weapon system as closely as possible in order to build that muscle memory. For example I bought my ex-wife a Walther P22 with a custom kydex holster and mag caddies to train with just due to ease and cost. It was a great addition to helping her get comfortable and accurate.

      If you get into this and want great Kydex gear let me know and ill put you in touch with my guy Jimmy Olliver (aka, The Mayor of 3 Gun)
      My posts are for general educational and informational purposes only. What you do with this information is your responsibility. I encourage you to seek out professional instruction. Nothing replaces in-person training with a qualified professional to ensure you learn properly and train safely.