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  • Dry-Fire technologies

    With the cost of ammo, dry fire is a great alternative. However as technology grows so have electro-shooting apps, gadgets and the like.
    with that said between G-Sight, Mantis and others on the market, what is the best out of whats on the market for practical practice at home?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hey CrudeOperator,

    I've tried several, and am currently testing the Mantis X10 Elite. So far the Mantix X has been great--love how it tracks the movement of your gun.

    I've used Laser Ammo, CoolFire Trainer, SIRT Pistols (in combination with laser targets), and a bunch of different drop-in laser solutions.

    Technology wise, from what I've used thus far, Mantis's is the best. Overall, I like the combination of using a SIRT Pistol, with Laser Ammo targets, along with the Mantis X10. I know Laser Ammo now carries their own pistols with blowback to simulate recoil; however, I use dry fire to work other things rather than worrying about the blow back during dry fire. I still think there is a lot of room for improvement there and leave working with recoil during live fire.

    JoeFarewell or Fred Ruiz, any dry-fire tech you recommend?


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      I’ve played with the cool fire trainer a little bit and there is a small benefit to using it. The mantis looks like a good option as it collects a lot of data. That being said I’ve gotten to where I am with just a shot timer that you can set a par time on.
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        I got the MantisX10 Elite back on October for my birthday. It really is a nice dry fire training system. I use it for many things, one of which is analysis of my draw.

        From the picture you can see each rep and how long i took on each portion of the draw. It's nice to have some objective numbers to give me feedback on what I am doing. (Note - that is my draw without concealment and was a good day for me. I'm rarely that quick.)

        I am combining this with video recording of my draw to see how I can be more efficient with the slowest portions of my draw.

        Adding some sort of laser to record where my shots (theoretically) landed would be a great way to top of that part of my dry fire. When I get going fast, I end up with a lot of bounce and wobble at full extension (when I break the shot). Hence, recording where my shots land is something I need a laser training device for.

        What really puts the cherry on top is that you can do the same with live fire too.

        (Edited to add - I am a newbie and am not a particularly good shot. I just wanted to relate my experience with the MantisX.)
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          I have both the Mantis X and their Laser Academy. Love the data from the Mantis X and the laser academy is useful as well. I have found you really cant use them together though. The Mantis X is looking for smooth follow through whereas the laser academy is looking for accuracy on target....sometimes those 2 dont align. Both are great