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Drawing from a holster

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  • Drawing from a holster

    Hello there. I watched Gordon Evan’s video on YouTube on how to draw from a holster. I have to say the way he covered it is very different from how I’ve learned to draw from other instructors. How does one train to shoot from retention using the draw technique shown by Gordon in the video?

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    Hey Glock Guy,
    We use the Safariland ALS retention holster, Gordon's technique transfers over seamlessly there. What retention holster do you use?
    My posts are for general educational and informational purposes only. What you do with this information is your responsibility. I encourage you to seek out professional instruction. Nothing replaces in-person training with a qualified professional to ensure you learn properly and train safely.


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      Thanks for the reply Coch. I think I'm using the wrong terminology.

      I was referring to how a lot of people teach to shoot from the hip after drawing or at least to get in that position first in case they need to fire right away.


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        Hi Glock guy
        I am teaching to shoot from the holster when your target is 2 yards away or more. If you are so close that you do not have enough space to fire from full extention then you will drowning and roll the weapon down rerange as soon as the weapon clears the holster. If the attacker is that close you still want to bring the support hand in to be able push the attacker off and you want your support hand in so you don't shoot you own hand.
        Please let me know if this answers your question. If not I will try to clarify in another post.


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          Hey Gordon, thanks for the explanation!